Ways to Ensure Your Doctor Gives You the Right Prescription

A lot of people come into a doctor’s clinic thinking that the doctor can surely make them feel better. Yes, doctors might have cutting edge gadgets and gizmos like the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope or the Littmann Cardiology III as an example; however these gadgets and gizmos are totally irrelevant if you do not cooperate. Thus if you do not cooperate, there’s a possibility that you might even walk out the door with the wrong prescription.

Why Do You Need to Get the Right Prescription?

Getting a prescription isn’t just getting about the right type of medicine. It also means getting the right dosage based on one’s age and weight. Not getting the right prescription is unquestionably a health hazard.

How Can You Get the Right Prescription?

It is not true that medical professionals are solely responsible when it comes to giving patients the right medications. Truth is, the patients themselves also have the equal responsibility.

Here are a couple of ways to make sure you get the right prescription:

Remember That Doctors Are Not Mind Readers

Medical professionals are not mind readers; that’s a fact. Although they have the knowledge and the right tools to make a diagnosis, they still cannot totally understand what you are feeling unless you tell them. It is highly recommended to be totally honest about your medical history so that the physician can prescribe the appropriate medications and the proper doses.

Keep a Medical Journal or a Medical Log

Similar to the ones for babies and children, it’s a good idea to keep a medical journal or log for yourself. You obviously can’t remember everything medicine you’ve taken and how you reacted to it for the past year. Keeping a journal or log is an easier way to remember everything. When you have one of these, it won’t be difficult to answer when you’re asked about the last medicines you’ve taken.

Stick to One Physician

It’s advisable to have one regular physician rather than a multiple. When your medical history and other related records are just with one physician, you can be guaranteed a more accurate diagnosis of your health. Moreover, because he or she has your medical log on hand, it will be easier for him or her to prescribe the proper set of medicines for you.

Remember, It Also Depends On You

Again, everything is not just up to your physician because it also depends on you. So to make sure you get the right set of medicines and the right dosage, also do your part.