Want a Bigger, More Satisfying Penis? This Is The Only Clinically Proven Penis Enlargement Method!

Do you want a bigger, thicker penis that is much more satisfying to women? If you are currently too small to satisfy, the good news is that you do not have to stay that way. You can start enlarging your penis today and build a permanently longer and thicker penis size that will improve your self-confidence and boost your sexual performance a great deal. However, there are a lot of penis enlargement products on the market that will do nothing for you except leave you frustrated and disappointed. That is why it is important to go with a method that is actually recommended by doctors and clinically proven to safely make your penis permanently larger.

The only method that qualifies is traction, and the only effective way to put the right kind of traction on your penis is with a penis extender, also known as a penis stretching device or penis traction device. Unlike the other methods you have undoubtedly seen advertisements for such as pills, pumps, hanging weights, and “exercise” programs, traction is the only method endorsed by the medical community both for penis enlargement and for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, which is an excessive curvature of the penis.

Penis extenders are very unobtrusive and simple to use. What you do is attach it to your penis and set the traction to the desired level. All of them contain a guide advising you on how much traction to use. Then you wear this device under your clothing (if you wear normal fitting pants or jeans, it cannot be detected by anyone) throughout the day and let traction go to work enlarging your penis. When you apply traction to your penis all day in this manner, the cells in your penile shaft actually divide and then multiply through a process called cytokinesis. When these cells multiply, you actually generate new tissue which grows your penis naturally the same way it grew during puberty! Best of all, this is a permanent process, so once you reach your target size you can stop using the penis extender and you will stay that size forever.

Here is another added benefit of using a penis extender. While it takes two to four weeks to start seeing noticeable size gains, most men do notice effects within a week. The first effects that guys usually report have to do with erection quality and sexual performance. Because these devices improve blood flow to the genitalia, you will find that your erections are much firmer and more satisfying, they last longer, and you get them much more easily.

I have used a penis extender myself and the results I achieved were right in line with what other guys have reported, as mentioned above. After a week or so of use, I started getting erections much more easily and they were much firmer, more engorged, and longer lasting. They reminded me of the erections I used to get back in eighth grade when my hormones were shooting through the roof. It was probably about three weeks into my penis extender use that I actually started seeing size gains. Within about six weeks or so, my partner said she could see and feel that I was noticeably larger than before. Once I reached my target size, which was a couple years ago, I quit using the penis extender and I have not lost any of my size.

Finally, we should mention the safety factor. Unlike all the other methods for penis enlargement – methods that do not even work – the penis extender is a very safe product that carries no side effects or risk of injury if used responsibly and correctly. That to me is a lot better than ingesting some creepy pill every day that is doing who knows what to your body.